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The Technical Stuff

Tech Details for the Thorough & Curious


Peace of Mind & Automatic Reporting

Our team has invested a lot of time and resources to relieve your management burden. Tasks have been automated and resources provided to help you spend less time on tech and more time growing your business. 

Software Updates

All minor and major plugins are updated by our team so your site stays leading edge and secure.


Log in and make edits to your pages, add blog posts, events, manage your store (depending on your plan).


Set up multiple users and their permissions so your team can collaborate and delegate (plus & shop plans only).


We host and manage our own analytics servers which eliminates false numbers and protects your visitors from Google.


Not sure how to get something done? We provide tutorials on how to use your site.


Contact our support team for same-business-day, human responses.

Marketing Reports

Every month you will receive an email with the analytics information for your site so you can make informed marketing decisions.

Manager Report

Each month you get an email that shows key metrics about this service: updates performed, scans, backup history, etc.



Site Speed & Search Result Oriented

Search engine optimization is a combination of technical tuning and content tweaking. We’ve done the majority of the work to help you score higher with less work.

Server-Level SEO

Search Engine Optimization is about technical and content proficiency. Our servers are optimized for search engines.

Google Indexing

We will create a sitemap and submit it to Google’s system for indexing to get your site in search results.

Mobile Friendly

Website search rankings can be demoted for having a bad mobile experience. Our sites pass Google’s Mobile Friendly test.

Minified Code

Code is minified as much as possible to boost loading speeds.

Server Level Cache

Server caching has been enabled for all sites. The faster the server, the faster the sites.

Site Caching

Site-specific caching is enabled and tuned to make sites load lightning fast. 


Media files are compressed automatically – balancing quality with speed – for optimal performance.

SEO Tools

A full pallet of SEO tools are included in the admin area, though most settings are taken care of for you.

Meta Data

Meta titles and descriptions are added to the site and tuned to make your search listing look professional.

Database Optimization

Every evening our systems scrub your database to clean out the junk and optimize for speed.



Professionally Crafted First Impression

Other site tools require you to log in and do all the design work yourself. We have web designers with eyes for great design and the talent and skills to make awesome site design happen.

Beautiful Themes

Capture the perfect tone for your business using one of our many available themes designed for all current browsers.

Experienced Pros

Our web design team combines for over 60 years of experience. We love designing. We love our jobs.

Mobile Responsive

Our sites are naturally mobile responsive meaning they’ll look great no matter the user’s screen size – phone, tablet, laptop, etc.

Basic Accessibility

We’ll help you adhere to the Web Wide Web Consortium’s (W3C) Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) Level A requirements.

Personal Touch

Nobody knows your business better than you. That’s why you’ll be able to add/edit/design any time you’d like.

Look Impressive

Be confident about your virtual first impression. sites look amazing.



Protecting Your Site & Your Visitors

We take protection seriously. Not only is WordPress the most popular CMS, it is the most hacked. That is why we have built in multiple layers of security to protect you and your visitors from an unpleasant situation. 


Filter at the server and site levels to make sure the bad is kept out. Bad code, bad users, etc.

SSL Certificate

The ‘s‘ in “https://” is crucial for gaining visitor trust. Many browsers flag those without it. We don’t charge extra…unlike GoDaddy and many other popular hosts.

Spam Mitigation

Filter out unwanted, annoying spam. Less unsolicited phishing and scam emails leads to a better life.


Your email is scanned to block known viruses before they ever reach your inbox. 

Uptime Monitoring

We monitor all sites from both server and site levels and we’re notified in seconds if a site is down. 

Brute-Force Protection

With both server level and site level brute force protection, unauthorized users have very little chance of hacking into your site.


Protecting your data is so important that we have 3 different backups taken of your site each and every day. 

Malware Scanning

Sites are scanned every day by two different services to check for any possible malicious code.

Proactive Defense

Server level protection against zero-day attacks – it stops even the malware that no scanner is able to detect.

Reputation Monitoring

We analyze and are notified if your domains are blocked on any blacklists so we can identify the problem.

Country IP Blocking

We keep an active list of known, bad IP addressed that come from foreign countries and keep them blocked.